STARVAC Scs Onlus is a recognized and certified innovative start-up, which promotes technologies to improve working conditions and health in cleaning processes, increasing the overall quality of production facilities, also from an energetically point of view.
The most important objective is to facilitate the social and working inclusion of particularly disadvantaged people. We are very proud of our priority social function.
The systems are made with cutting-edge automation, process and maintenance components and are designed with plug & play solutions functional to the industry 4.0.

Among the qualifying technologies: Electronics, sensors, remote control of plants and critical components with dedicated VPN, monitoring and control of the suction stations, detection of suction quantities, suction flows, filter status, energy consumption and anomalies.
Everything is integrated and can be transmitted to the operator remotely for scheduled maintenance.
We have been working in the industrial suction sector for over 20 years, so we know exactly which plant to recommend, starting from the expectations and needs of the customer, considering the substances and the quantities aspirated, where they are vacuumed, where and how they must be disposed.
A 360 ° service aimed at customer satisfaction. The aspiration of the future is our present!